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Latoya Okeia

I am a Master Life Coach, Spiritual Leader and Business Mentor. I have spent a lifetime dedicated to mentoring, growing and inspiring leaders to live in alignment with their God-given purpose.

My mission is to impact and influence 1 billion Divine Ones to tap into their Divine purpose and true Kingdom living. With over 20 million YouTube views worldwide, my teachings have helped inspire and transform lives.


Through Latoya Okeia Academy I offer resources such as courses, e-books, coaching, and masterclasses. My courses are grounded in Biblical principles, providing insights on success, spirituality and faith. With my help, Divine Ones learn to cultivate their gifts and discover how to live their purposeful life.

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This masterclass is for you if…

You feel trapped in a scarcity mindset and want to break free from the limitations! You’re sick of living life paycheck to paycheck.. broke, busted and disgusted!!


You are ready to repair your relationship with money and transform your financial situation.


You want to overcome the generational cycles of poverty and create a legacy of abundance for yourself and future generations.


You are committed to personal growth and willing to do what it takes to transform your life


You are open-minded and ready to learn practical strategies and techniques to shift your mindset and walk in abundance.


You are determined to rewrite your financial story and step into a life of prosperity, fulfillment, purpose and financial freedom.



Impacting and influencing 1BILLION DIVINE ONES to tap into TRUE KINGDOM LIVING and DIVINE PURPOSE!

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YouTube Group Strategy Session

Are you a YouTube creator looking to take your channel to the next level!


Do you dream of reaching people all over the world and making an impact through your videos! 


In this powerful session, I share some of my YouTube secrets and strategies that I used to grow my channel to 191,000 subscribers and counting! 


This is your chance to learn from an experienced creator and take your YouTube channel to the next level!

Here's what you can expect from the session:

How to identify your target market

How to plan, create, and edit videos

Q&A session to get your burning questions answered

Insider tips on how to build and grow your YouTube channel

Insights on how to monetize your channel and earn an income from YouTube

Strategies to reach a global audience and make an impact through your videos

Plus More...


Impact the world by using your gift of coaching! Help others achieve the same TRANSFORMATION you've created in your own life!!

Let me help YOU make an influence and impact on your community by simply using your natural gifts!

As a Coach, I've impacted over 20 MILLION PEOPLE worldwide!!

My mission is to impact 1 BILLION Divine Ones to tap into  TRUE KINGDOM LIVING and tap into their Divine purpose! I believe you're in that number! 

A life of purpose, love, joy, peace, abundance, financial freedom, deliverance, and impact is CALLING YOU!! Will you answer???

Let's get to work on YOUR TRANSFORMATION!


Take the FREE LIFE COACHING 101 MASTERCLASS below to get tapped in and get more info!

Come on in, come on in baby!!


Powerful programs to help you get YOUR TRANSFORMATION! The time is NOW!


Learn how to pick up the SPIRITUAL SLEDGEHAMMER and BUST DOWN all the bricks, lies, and limitations blocking your success!